CS Connections is the newest curriculum of Code.org.  Through this curriculum, the goal is to “make the connections between learning computer science and other subjects like math, language arts, science, and social studies.” We are engaged in a study to investigate if and how computer science (CS) is integrated into various subject areas around the country in K-5 classrooms.

It will be important to share our results with the wider CS education research community to support efforts to build the foundational knowledge of best practices for integrated CS as well as how to mitigate challenges.

The research questions that are connected to our two objectives are:

  • Identify current CS integration efforts across the country and conduct focus groups with potential decision makers.
    • What goals for integrated CS, if any, do schools have?
    • What pedagogical approaches to integrating CS are schools currently engaging in?
    • What curriculum standards are being integrated with CS standards?
    • What are the key levers for integrating CS in all subject areas?
    • What are decision-makers’ needs for developing programmatic plans to integrate CS into existing subject areas?
    • What barriers do decision-makers face as they anticipate implementing those plans?
  • Identify and interview subject area experts in the field of CS K-5 integration.
    • What are evidence-based, promising practices for integrating CS into other subject areas?
    • What are potential challenges to designing and implementation?

We are using a mixed-methods study, with the quantitative data forming the crux of the impact results and the qualitative data playing a supporting role to provide context to those results.

Team Members


Dr. Monica McGill
Dr. Monica McGill
Founder & CEO
Alaina Mabie
Education Research Intern
Ren Huerta
Education Research Intern
Laycee Thigpen
Education Research Assistant



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