The Meta-Synthesis of K-12 CS Education Reports in the US using the CAPE Equity Framework project seeks to synthesize information provided in K-12 CS education reports. This information is important to understand how all students, including those who have been historically marginalized, are accessing, participating in, and experiencing CS education within K-12 settings. The span of our proposed work will also include data predating and concurrent with the COVID19 pandemic, potentially providing insight into how growth or decline in reaching all students has been impacted. Our final report will provide educators, researchers, and policymakers with data that will influence their future work. 

Our objective for this project is to use the CAPE (Capacity, Access, Participation, and Access) framework to compare, contrast and synthesize national reports that are specifically focused on equity from the last few years (2019-22) on K-12 CS education and share this widely throughout the wider CS Education community, including with stakeholders and decision makers. To do this, we will conduct our analysis through the lens of the CAPE framework.

Our research question for this project is:

  • When viewed collectively and objectively using the equity-centric CAPE framework, what will a synthesis of findings from major reports show about equity in K-12 computer science (CS) education?

To ensure we are not working in isolation, we will ensure adequate collaboration with the report sponsors and their institutions through three touchpoints.

  • First, when we identify the reports for inclusion, we will reach out to the sponsors/researchers of each to ask about their reports and any data not included that may be important to consider.
  • Second, during the analysis process, we will reach out to discuss our analysis to ensure we are adequately capturing their findings.
  • Third, once our report is drafted, we will share with sponsors to solicit their feedback for incorporation into the final report.

Team Members

Dr. Monica McGill
Dr. Monica McGill (Co-PI)
Institute for Advancing Computing Education, Founder & CEO
Joey Reyes
Institute for Advancing Computing Education, Education Research Intern


  This material is based upon work supported by a 2022 Google CS-ER grant.