About this Resource

Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Computer Science Education Repository provides links to research-backed activities for 1) teaching K-12 students formally in school and informally at camps, after-school, or during CS Education Week and 2) planning and conducting professional development of K-12 teachers. This repository has also been designed to be useful for researchers exploring the effectiveness of these formal and informal activities.

What is your curation process?

The curation process for this site includes organizing, evaluating, and parsing papers using a methodology defined by its authors. The curated papers come from a variety of targeted journals and conferences, and each paper has been analyzed to identify its primary research questions, data that was collected as part of the study, the activities that were evaluated, and more. Where possible, links are provided to the actual paper for the user. A team of five people have been actively identifying and analyzing the papers, and each paper goes through two reviews.

What’s included in this repository?

We seeded the repository by curating papers from 2012-2016 in each of the following ten journals:

  • ACM International Computing Education Research
  • ACM Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education
  • ACM SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education
  • ACM Transactions on Computing Education
  • Frontiers in Education
  • IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference
  • IEEE Transactions on Education
  • Journal of Educational Computing Research
  • Koli Calling
  • Taylor & Francis’ Computing Education

We will continue to add to this collection over the summer of 2017 to include 2017 articles and additional journals. This list will be updated as additional papers are curated.

What are your collection methods?

We presently have three people assigned to the team who are working closely together to identify the articles within each venue and to determine if an article meets the pre-defined criteria. The criteria includes asking the following: Does the article: 1) Describe or evaluate a computing activity or process 2) That targets K-12 participants (students or teachers) and 3) Is designed to teach computing or computational thinking?

For some articles, determining whether all 3 criteria were met was very clear. Other times, we had to rely upon our experience and our goals for the repository (as well as additional research goals) to determine whether or not the article should be included in the repository.

For additional information about the process, please contact us.

Citing the Repository

A dedicated team of researchers and research assistants put forth countless hours creating and maintaining this site. If you are using the repository for publishable research or papers, we ask that you please acknowledge the assistance you received by using it (in addition to appropriately citing the papers referenced within the repository).

McGill, M., and Decker, A. (2017). Computer Science Education Repository. Available online: http://csedresearch.org.

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How can I get my paper included?

The curation of future papers is still evolving at this time. We will post additional information before this site is published in September 2017.

How do I report a discrepancy on this site?

If you find a discrepancy, please contact us with specific information about the related data (e.g., title of paper and the discrepancy found).