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...that less than 3% of research papers mention disabilities among participants?

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...that Scratch is the most prevalent learning environment with over 13,900 participants across 39 research articles?

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...that you can submit evaluation instruments for inclusion on this site?

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Evaluating an Activity?

We host over 115 instruments for evaluating self-efficacy, grit, knowledge, and more in computing education.

Interested in Research?

We've curated over 40 types of data from over 700 research articles related to primary and secondary computing education.

Conducting Studies?

We provide quick tips on how to conduct research in primary and secondary computing education.

Featured Evaluation Instruments

Computational Thinking Test (2015)
Marcos Román-González, Juan-Carlos Pérez-González, Carmen Jiménez-Fernández

This assessment tool has been developed to evaluate computational thinking skills among middle school students.

BASICS Study Student Implementation Questionnaire (2017)
Outlier Resesarch & Evaluation, UChicago STEM Education, University of Chicago

This survey is designed to measure implementation of the Exploring Computer Science (ECS) curriculum and contextual factors that influence how students engage in the computer science class.

Featured Article Summaries