Our History

The K-12 Computing Education Research Resource Center was first envisioned as part of a collaborative National Science Foundation grant with Adrienne Decker (University at Buffalo) and Monica McGill (Institute for Advancing Computing Education (IACE)). Since then, the Resource Center is supported by IACE and has grown–both in the data that has been collected and the technical guidance offered to researchers.

In July, 2019, McGill formed a non-profit organization of the same name, CSEdResearch.org, later renamed to the Institute for Advancing Computing Education. The original NSF grant continues to support the collaborative work of Decker and McGill, while other partners and collaborators have engaged in activities with McGill to support the growth of the non-profit.

Our Mission

IACE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the U.S. whose mission is to improve K-12 CS education for all children by enabling and disseminating exemplary evidence-driven research, with a focus on identifying culturally relevant promising practices and transforming student learning

Our Goals

IACE strives to be a leading research organization dedicated to enabling and disseminating high quality, data-driven, evidence-based K-12 CS Education Research. We design, conduct, promote, support and disseminate research that K-12 Educators find relevant and actionable. These transformed research practices can then be used to identify and promote high-impact, culturally relevant practices and promote these relevant and promising practices among K-12 Educators

Our Outcomes

Our goal is to drive K-12 CS Education Research forward by providing resources, training, and support to enable researchers to produce high-quality research that answers meaningful questions about K-12 CS education. This will be accomplished with the intent purpose of supporting educators by identifying their needs for developing most promising classroom practices to enable academic achievement among all students.

Our Strategies

To accomplish this, we have adopted the following strategies for accomplishing our mission, vision and goalsd

  • Increase the K-12 CS Education Research communities, knowledge of and experiences with producing relevant and rigorous research through education and promotion of high quality educational research practices
  • Widely disseminate research data and findings openly using existing and new support systems
  • Analyze research findings to determine promising practices that are shared with K-12 Educators


Interested in Partnering?

If you’re interested in partnering with us, feel free to contact us.

We operate under private and federal funding, including generous support from our sponsors. To find out how your organization can support our work, please contact us.